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Day 51: Do it for the Lord

Colossians 3 18-25 Take a moment to read Colossians 3 18-25. While reading, just imagine your own family. Does your family fit the mold Paul is writing? The first verse is directed at the wives of the household. When using the word, “submit” I don’t believe Paul is saying to just do whatever the man […]

Day 49: Jesus Loves Me

During children’s Sunday School, we would always sing Jesus Loves Me. But what does really mean? Because Jesus loves us, does this mean no bad thing will ever happen to us? Read James 1 2-18 The first verse states how we should be joyful when a trial comes in our path. When you first read […]

Day 45: Heavenly Father

I think my dad is the coolest guy off all time. He is like really old and still goes surfing constantly. Back in the day, he was a professional foosball player. We have all the same interests. He looks after and takes care of his family. It’s amazing to think that I have so much […]

Day 40: The Moon’s Light

Being Batteries for People’s Flashlights Wherever you are and whoever you are, you have an influence on people around you. You may not even know it, but simple actions can make a big difference. Maybe it’s giving an encouraging message to someone, or maybe it’s just simply asking someone how his or her day has […]