Notes about the Author

  • Sometimes I act dense to get away with things.
  • I love photo gradients and my favorite holiday of the year is Black Friday.
  • I have a Lifelong Goal to get 20 or more name tags from Camp.
  • I love playing Games on my Nintendo DS and Wii. Sorry, I’m a huge Nintendo Dork.
  • Of the 5 Love Languages: words, touch, gifts, service, and time; I probably use words and time the most.
  • Three of my favorite words are ‘idear’, ‘mayhaps’, and ‘grosscious’. As you can see, none of those words are real words.
  • I think we should be allowed to partition our brains. That way, if one OS ever is attacked by emotions or stress, we can back it up with the other OS.
  • I think the best romantic comedies are movies where best friends EVENTUALLY realize they’re meant to be.
  • You can seduce me using Hot Cheetos w/ Lime and Shipley’s Donuts
  • I only wear plain black basketball shorts. T-shirt selection varies.
  • I am also predictably cheesy. You know those comments that get “awhs” from everyone? Yeah, they come from me.
  • I play volleyball a bit too much.
  • {:D — meet BöB. He is my favorite smiley and was invented by Allison Khoo. If you ever see me use him or any smiley using a “D”, I must be really happy.
  • I am not stereotypical, but I do stereotype. A lot.
  • If you choose any type of dairy product to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose? – “Havarti Cheese” – thank goodness for Mrs. Ing. mmm

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