Impact Day 3 – Haven’t written in a while

What does it take for a plant to grow? We know there are three main ingredients – nutrients from the soil, water, and light. However, we often forget there is one more ingredient – TIME. It takes time to mature and grow. Likewise, for us, God often gives us a lot of time to grow, to learn from our mistakes, and to turn away from our old ways. 

Read: 1 Peter 1:13-21

Examine: 1. What do you think it means to be holy? How does God’s holiness make us holy?

Simon Peter, the apostle of Christ, wrote to Christians who were undergoing a severe trial of persecution. He begins the passage talking about hope and he ends the passage talking about hope. What or who is this hope that Simon Peter writes about? What is the significance of this hope? What does he contrast this hope to?

Apply: In 1 Peter 1:3-12, the theme is — “you are suffering, but IT IS WORTH IT!” Peter enumerates some of the blessings Christians have, and he points out the exceeding greatness of the salvation we have. The basis of the passage beginning verse 13 is the greatness of the salvation we have.

Make a T-chart on a sheet of paper. On the left side, write down some of the hardest trials or struggles you’ve had in the past. On the right side, next to each trial, write down what you learned from each of those tough times. After you’re done, sit back and reflect on all the numerous ways God worked in your life. This should remind us not to place our hopes in perishable things (verse 18), but instead, we should anticipate the coming of Jesus (verse 13).

Pray: Meditate on what it means to be deemed ”holy”. Then, reflect on God’s wonderful qualities. You are a person that has been individually handpicked by God. Spend time adoring God and praising Him for deeming you holy and worthy.