Day 61: Motivation and Perspective

Everything we do is driven by a desire, a cause, a motive. What that motive is and whether or not it’s a good one…well, that’s another story. Perspective–our way and frame of thinking–definitely shapes and affects our motivations. If we can (or can’t) see the bigger picture, that often determines what serves as our main motivation.
Pray: for God to really open your eyes to honestly examine what’s motivating and driving you to do what you do (ministry, school, work, etc)

Read: 1 Peter 5:1-11

Applications: As people serving in (college/campus) ministry, it can be easy to lose sight of why we do what we do, to get burned out, to want to quit and give the job to someone else. However, in this passage, Peter clearly gives several commands, as well as the reasons behind his appeals. This passage is so rich and full of different things–definitely give it a few read-overs, because it deserves at least that much. We are reminded that as workers in the harvest of God’s kingdom, we tend the flocks that have been given to us because we want to, not because we have to; that we need to humble ourselves, not lord our authority over others; that we need to constantly be alert and resist the devil, not give into him; that we have eternal glory waiting for us on the other end, after just a little bit of suffering. Talk about real motivation and perspective, huh?
Pray: that God would soften your heart in the areas where you have grown cold and bitter towards serving in ministry for Him, and that He would fill you with pure motives, a humble heart, and eternal perspective as you continue to serve.