Day 60: Love Song

Nowadays, Youtube, radio waves, and our iTunes accounts are flooded with modern-day love songs. Whether they come from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, boy bands, Glee, rap, country, etc…unless they’re centered on Jesus, they can only offer empty promises. Let’s take a look today at one of the original love songs in the Bible.
Pray: for an open heart to see ourselves, the church, as the bride of Christ–regardless of your gender
Read: Song of Solomon 2:8-16
Applications: I know there are some people who say that this book is to be taken only literally, while others say it is also symbolic of the love that Jesus has for His bride, the church, and for us as His beloved children. Personally, I think the second one makes a bit more sense, so just bear with me here (or stop reading, lol). In this passage, the beloved’s tone of voice is so loving and excited; it feels like such a celebration just to be able to be reunited with His bride. I think in the same way, we need to set aside quiet time with the Lord so that we can hear His voice, calling us to come away with Him and take joy in learning more about Him and just being with Him. Our time with Jesus is what recharges and re-energizes us, amen? 🙂
Pray: that you would be drawn to Jesus by the love that He has for you, and that you would not deny His longing to spend time in intimacy with just you and Him