Day 57: Demanding and Deserving

God is such a God of paradoxes. He is infinitely great and glorious, and yet He also embraced humility to the fullest, living as simply as you could get (homeless and everything!) and dying in the most humiliating way available at the time. There’s so many more sides of Him to explore and understand, but let’s just take a quick look at a couple of them today.
Pray: that God would quiet your heart in this time to see two different but complementary sides of Him
Read: Isaiah 45:5-7, Isaiah 53
Applications: God tells us in the 10 Commandments not to put any other gods before Him. Do you ever struggle with that? Do you wonder why God is so possessive, so jealous? I think we wouldn’t feel the need to ponder this question so much if we really had a better grasp of how magnificent and singular our God is. He says in Isaiah 45 that He is the Lord, and there is no other! He creates light and darkness and all things. Who else do we know or can we think of who can make the same claim? He demands all of the glory, and rightly so. After all, He is the One who created you, too.
At the same time, God is not emptily commanding us to bow down to Him like mindless or fearful robots. No; on the contrary, He came to the earth in the form of a normal-looking, meek man, Jesus Christ, to win our hearts with His irresistible love. Jesus pursues us, even after we have come to know Him, each and every day. He poured out His love for us on the cross, till every drop was gone, just so that we could know Him and have eternal life. And for that, He not only demands all of our worship and praise, but He alone deserves it.
Pray: that you would continue to grow in knowledge of and love for God–in His greatness and glory–and worship Him accordingly. Also, ask Jesus to daily capture your heart again. No one else can ever love us like He does.