Day 55: A New Covenant

I’ve never really had a good understanding of what the covenants of God were/are. To me, they seem like common christian words that I can gloss over and use context clues to gather the full meaning of the phrase. “Promise” seems to be the most appropriate synonym of covenant, but as I have been able to read this morning (and hopefully you will as well), I have a much better grasp of what a covenant is. And this time, I have a particular better idea of why the new has overcome the old.

Pray: Ask God to teach you something new this morning. Even if you’re someone who has heard it all before, ask God to teach you the embrace of knowledge and to study the scripture with reverence.

Read: Hebrews 8:7-13

Questions: Define what a covenant is.

Why does he continually reference the old covenant with the new covenant?

Which verse in this passage strikes you hardest? Why that one?

Application: So, a covenant is a principle of relationship with God on the earth-conditions established by God under which man is to live with Him. So, it isn’t so much a promise from God (compared to the promises of riches that God gives us) as it is a ruling from God of how to live about our time here. The key is that the Gospel is not the covenant, but it is a the key to our salvation. The new covenant with God proclaims that God will be the God of the people, that the people shall be in one heart and one mind with Him (v 10). Everyone will know the LORD, from the least to the greatest of those.

Why must the writer continually reference a old covenant though? The old covenant made with the House of Israel was one that was not carried out by the people. Those people, God says, He did not care for because they did carry out His covenant with them. For it says, “He found fault” with them. The covenant is our responsibility, but even more so, our opportunity to show God’s glory. Our existence on earth is to be with God just as our joy in being in heaven is to be with Him always. However, God demonstrates His faultlessness by the Gospel. For in verse 12, He says he will remember our sins no more. No more. Meaning, all our failures, that make us obsolete and blamed, we are forgiven. God will not remember any of them, for He has chosen to not remember. A new covenant is now put in place that we should fulfill with greatest desire.

Pray: God may have taught you something different than what he taught me. But he reminded me of how much mercy and grace He shows in his covenant. It isn’t that he’s forgotten our failures; it’s that he chooses not to remember, not to dwell on our failures. A choice that profound leaves only shame for us but love from Him. Pray about that for a while.

God is such a God of paradoxes. He is infinitely great and glorious, and yet He also embraced humility to the fullest, living as simply as you could get (homeless and everything!) and dying in the most humiliating way available at the time. There’s so many more sides of Him to explore and understand, but let’s just take a quick look at a couple of them today.
Pray: that God would quiet your heart in this time to see two different but complementary sides of Him
Read: Isaiah 45:5-7, Isaiah 53
Applications: God tells us in the 10 Commandments not to put any other gods before Him. Do you ever struggle with that? Do you wonder why God is so possessive, so jealous? I think we wouldn’t feel the need to ponder this question so much if we really had a better grasp of how magnificent and singular our God is. He says in Isaiah 45 that He is the Lord, and there is no other! He creates light and darkness and all things. Who else do we know or can we think of who can make the same claim? He demands all of the glory, and rightly so. After all, He is the One who created you, too.
At the same time, God is not emptily commanding us to bow down to Him like mindless or fearful robots. No; on the contrary, He came to the earth in the form of a normal-looking, meek man, Jesus Christ, to win our hearts with His irresistible love. Jesus pursues us, even after we have come to know Him, each and every day. He poured out His love for us on the cross, till every drop was gone, just so that we could know Him and have eternal life. And for that, He not only demands all of our worship and praise, but He alone deserves it.
Pray: that you would continue to grow in knowledge of and love for God–in His greatness and glory–and worship Him accordingly. Also, ask Jesus to daily capture your heart again. No one else can ever love us like He does.