Day 54: No more Spiritual Labels

Have you ever seen a 3D movie? When you walk into the theater, you put on those cheap plastic glasses so that the black double-lines on screen will turn into a magical display of monsters and robots reaching out to you. But, what about when you take them off; everything becomes blurry and incomprehensible. Today, your challenge is to decipher a piece of scripture, one that, without commentary, might seem like virtues of an old king. Then we’ll put on our “glasses” and see for ourselves whether any of it really makes sense at all.

Pray: Clear your mind of all thoughts, all distractions. Ask God to give you a mind clear of any extraneous thoughts because during this time, the only thing you want to hear speaking is the voice of God.

Read: Proverbs 9

Exercise: Take a sheet of paper. You will be making a 29×5 column chart.

On the left side of the paper, number down from on each line 1-29.

Then on each subsequent column, make a column for “Agree”, “Disagree”, “Already put into practice”, and “Doesn’t make sense”.

Go through each verse again, and mark where you think that instructive verse belongs on the chart.

Application: So, confused yet? If yes, good; you should be. If no, then I guess you are truly a wise man (or woman) and perhaps you can teach the rest of us. But, if you are confused where I’m going with this, then allow the Holy Spirit to guide you for a moment. Recently, I’ve been experiencing a surplus of growth and devotion in my relationship with God. Everyday, I’ve had a strong desire to grow with Him to spend time with Him. Naturally, I begin to pressure myself, convincing myself that if I can’t keep up with surge of the Holy Spirit, then I must not be growing enough.

Slowly, I begin to slap spiritual labels on everything I do. “OH God did this so that, I would learn this” or “the Holy spirit must be intervening to teach me this lesson.” A little too much hyper-spirituality, I think. Slowly, I realize I’m not really learning anything; I’m rationalizing. Perhaps this devo is for myself more than it is for you, my reader, but if you find yourself in the same place I’m currently in, ask yourself this:

Do you really find truth in everything that your read about? Is your heart pining for understanding or rationalization?

Click HERE and go through each verse again. Reevaluate whether these statements speak to your understanding of Christianity. And if none of this makes sense at all, then I’m sorry. To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to me one bit.

Pray: even if I don’t understand what’s going on in my life, having faith gives me the wisdom of a Godly man.