Day 53: Pursuit of God

God is alive and well, but sometimes we forget the order of reaction. Sometimes, the world is simpler to view through a cause and effect analysis. Because I woke up early for class today, I will decide to stop by shipleys to get donuts. Because I bought a dozen donuts, friends will ask me to share. Because I share my donuts, people will continue to ask me to share in the future. Perhaps those weren’t the best analogies, but you get the picture. Well, God falls into that same analysis. Because God loved us first, we are called to emulate that love.

Pray: Ask God to be openhearted, openminded, opened up to what He has to teach you today. Most importantly, ask him to pursue you as he always has, and make his action evident in your life.

Read: Ephesians 2:1-10

Questions: Before you knew Christ, who did you follow? What did you follow? What gave you your sense of right/wrong or moral/immoral?

What does “being made alive” mean? Why is God the only one who can do that?

In verse 7, what do you think the “incomparable riches of his grace” looks like? How kind must God be in order to pass on his inheritance of the throne?

Reflection: God made us to experience His great love, but when we turned to the world, we chose a path fraught with sin and disconnect from God. My biggest fear is to lose that connection that God has recreated through Jesus Christ. In verse 4, Paul articulates that God’s love is SO BIG that he has taken us from death and made us alive. From what we know, it is impossible to rise from death, in a physical sense of course. The death that we are subject to in the absence of God’s love and mercy is beyond the physical sense; it is of a wrathful nature. Despite our transgressions, God loves us infinitely. He did not have a cause and effect to love us. He just loved us. He pursued us. He ravaged through our mess of sinful behavior to pull us from the depths of death to retrieve us and place us on the throne alongside Him.

However, we have been affected by this. We can choose to respond to God and present our lives to Him in a way that is reflective of how much we appreciate and love His love. God is our cause, but what is our effect?

Pray: This prayer is for those who have chosen to pursue God despite past transgressions. Pray for forgiveness for not pursuing Him in the past and push forward. Ask God to teach you how to pursue Him and how to live by faith. If God causes you to live righteously, then ask him to live righteously through Him.