Day 52: Seeing and Believing

I’d like to think I believe in God. I really do. I believe He exists. I believe He created the universe. Mostly, I believe He’s there. But, sometimes, I don’t really believe He is able to do anything in realtime. Oftentimes, reading scripture is like reading a really really long storybook. We read bible stories with reverence of the teachings, but not of the reality of history. How can we change this?

Pray: God is able. If you believe God is able, then believe that he can change your heart.

Read: Mark 9: 14-29

Questions: Which description do you think best fits the mentality of the father approaching Jesus?
1. Maybe if I bring my son to Jesus, He’ll heal my son
2. I know this is the son of God, so I know He can do anything.

In verse 24, when the father says I believe, complete his phrase. “I believe ______”

Do you think you have ever been the laying grounds for a ‘deaf and mute spirit’? Would you ever ask God to rebuke the spirit or would you depend on your faith to overcome the spirit?

Application: This is for you to determine for yourself. How much do you believe? What do you believe? If you could sum up what you believe in four sentences, what would they believe? One vice to our generation of Christians is that we unable to see the demons and spirits that plagued many of the early followers of Jesus. While we are blessed to have the grace and sacrifice of the son on the cross, we are often unable to just believe without evidence in our own lives. So, challenge yourself; what do you believe? Or is the bible just another non-fiction history book to you?

Pray: Pray that God’s teachings would overcome your unbelief. Believing stories is very important but even more important is the ability to  apply all these lessons. God can change you and your heart if only you want him too.