Day 51: Do it for the Lord

Colossians 3 18-25

Take a moment to read Colossians 3 18-25. While reading, just imagine your own
family. Does your family fit the mold Paul is writing?

The first verse is directed at the wives of the household. When using the
word, “submit” I don’t believe Paul is saying to just do whatever the man says and
just be his puppet. I think that means that the wife needs to be supportive and trust
in him. Husbands on the other hand need to care for their wives and love them
unconditionally. Paul says that children need to obey their parents. It clearly says
that in the Bible. Most people miss the tail end of this verse. “for this pleases the
Lord”. I mean we all know follow the commandments and try not to mess up right?
But God is proud, like a father, when we obey him.

An important verse for me is Colossians 3:23. In context, Paul is putting in the rules
for slaves, but it applies to us still too. It says “Whatever you do, work heartily, as
for the Lord and not for men.” I truly struggle living out this verse. I mean when we
succeed at things, we like to get the recognition that comes with it. If you think hard
about it, many times we do things just to impress others. Why do we always want to
please others and just blatantly ignore God? When you go to church on Sundays, we
know what we need to do, but we just feel like impressing others is more important
cause they’re tangible. God wants us to do things for his glory. He’s given us all of
these talents for his plan, not because we are better than other people.

Remember, as you go on through life, think am I doing it for the Lord, or for man?