Day 49: Jesus Loves Me

During children’s Sunday School, we would always sing Jesus Loves Me. But what does really mean? Because Jesus loves us, does this mean no bad thing will ever happen to us? Read James 1 2-18

The first verse states how we should be joyful when a trial comes in our path. When you first read it, it’s hard to understand why we should be happy if we fail our test or lose something of value. God tests us because he loves us. If he didn’t love us, then he would just let us wonder off into the world with no guidance. If we lived a perfect, spot-free life, then would we really rely on God?

Verses 5-6 show us what to do when we face a trial. Just give it up to God and he will answer. But, verse 6 says we must put our complete faith in God without any doubts.
If not, that man will not receive anything from the Lord. Every man struggles with surrendering his whole life to God, but we need to be reminded constantly that God is with us every step of the way. Good times, Bad times, he is always there for us.

Verses 12-15 say that our temptations are from our own selfish desires. None of it comes from God. As humans, we are never truly satisfied in life. This leads to the 4-letter word that gets us into trouble. More. Whether it’s more money or more power, we are blinded by the opportunity to get in the highest position or status possible. Without seeking God, this can lead to sin, which leads to death. Not many churches these days talk about death or hell in the body, but to overlook it would be a major mistake. Hell is not one of those fiery furnaces that we see on tv. It’s very real with eternal suffering that is beyond our comprehension.

The closing verses remind us that every good gift is a gift from God. Many times we think that if something good happens to us, it’s because we’re awesome. But really, that is pride talking for us.

God will never give us anything that we can’t handle, but this doesn’t mean he won’t test us. He does this out of love and to strengthen us. I know it sounds cliché, but no one loves you more than God. Look at everything around you. The least we can do is spend a little of our time for him.

Take a minute to just talk to God. It can be about anything. What’s on your heart. What’s been bothering you. Although God already knows what that is, he wants us to tell him.