Monthly Archives: February 2011

Day 49: Jesus Loves Me

During children’s Sunday School, we would always sing Jesus Loves Me. But what does really mean? Because Jesus loves us, does this mean no bad thing will ever happen to us? Read James 1 2-18 The first verse states how we should be joyful when a trial comes in our path. When you first read […]

Day 48: How To Pray

Jesus’ disciples asked Him to show them how to pray in the New Testament, but I think we can also learn how to pray by seeing how the prophets of the Old Testament cried out to God for the people they were called to minister to. Pray: that the Holy Spirit would teach you how […]

Day 47: For the sake of the gospel

There’s a quote that says, “I don’t know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” I think it could be easy to look at the first part of this passage and think that Paul is calling us to be people-pleasers, but there’s a difference between being a […]