Day 46: Seeing the whole picture

Have you ever seen or heard of a photo mosaic? It’s a really large image made up of many, many smaller pictures (here is an example: I always thought they were really cool, because each individual picture has a story of its own, but when you take a few steps back and look at the entire masterpiece, it is really something else.

Pray: that God would fully open your eyes to your current condition–physical, spiritual, emotional, mental–during this quiet time with Him in His presence.

Read: Mark 8:22-26

Applications: God is in control. Always. He has a reason for everything, though it may not be (immediately, or ever) revealed to us. In this passage, I find it noteworthy that Jesus decided to heal the man’s sight in two steps (instead of immediate complete healing).

For one thing, Jesus’ simple question (“Do you see anything?”) is a chance for Him to test and challenge the man’s faith. Is the man bold enough to honestly answer Jesus and tell Him that he only sees “trees walking around?” Is the man’s faith great enough to trust that Jesus has the power of complete healing? (How would you respond?)

Also, I think that Jesus’ two-step healing of the man’s sight is representative of a situation we often find ourselves in. Many times, we think we see the whole picture. We think that we know everything that is going on. However, we sometimes find that what we are looking at is just one little frame in the huge mosaic masterpiece. Our vision is equivalent to seeing people as trees walking around. We think we see it all, but God has so, so much more in store. He has so much more that He wants to show us. Ask Him to reveal more of His desire and His heart to you today.

Pray: With this new sight and new life that God has given to you, ask Him to give you His eyes, that you may see Him at work everywhere, both on the micro- and macro-scale. When you feel like all you can see is vague shapes, be honest with your Father. Earnestly and boldly ask Him to reveal to you not only the bigger picture of how your work can further His kingdom, but also the fine details: who He wants you to reach out to today, this week, this year, how you can serve others, etc.