Day 45: Heavenly Father

I think my dad is the coolest guy off all time. He is like really old and still goes surfing constantly. Back in the day, he was a professional foosball player. We have all the same interests. He looks after and takes care of his family. It’s amazing to think that I have so much respect for love for my earthly father, but I neglect and take for granted my heavenly father. The following passage opened my eyes, and I hope it is impactful for you too.

Read Hebrews 12: 3-14

God treats us as his sons. By being his sons, God disciplines us, so that we get the best in life. We may not always agree with God’s plan and his actions, but they are perfect. We may want fill in the blank, but in reality we have no idea what’s good for us. God only disciplines the ones he loves, so it is a privilege that God watches over us and strengthens us through struggles. It is good too show respect and honor toward our earthly fathers, but we need to respect God even more. After all, my dad is also a child of a God.

How can we respect God? I can just tell you to follow God’s command and just listen to him, but do you honestly believe you can change in an instant. I believe that we need to pray for a passion, a desire that we want to serve our lord. As humans, when we care about things, nothing stops us from trying to achieve that ambition. If God is our ambition, then no one can stop us from living out a holy life. With a change in heart comes a change in your life.