Day 45: Silver and gold

Panhandlers. Beggars. Even friends or family members asking for loans. All of these people are asking you for money–maybe a lot or a little, maybe often or just once. Regardless, one common response is annoyance or ignoring the request. But is there something else you could give to someone instead of money? Something more?

Pray: to be able to focus and to find inspiration from the example of Peter and John in today’s story

Read: Acts 3:1-10


Ask yourself: How would you have reacted to the beggar at the gate?
Do you sometimes treat silver and gold (money) as more important or as a better gift to others than sharing about Jesus?
Application: Peter and John got to experience the amazing privilege of living and walking and talking with Jesus. Although Jesus was gone from the Earth by this time, they were still so excited to share about what He had done in their lives, and they believed in His healing power through the Holy Spirit. Thus, they knew their priorities, and they were able to see into the lame beggar’s life to see what he really needed. The beggar’s number one desire was probably not to be the richest man on earth. More likely, one of his deepest desires was to be able to walk, to have hope and dignity in his life. Peter and John saw this need in the beggar, and they ministered directly to it. Without hesitation, they gave him Jesus, and nothing else. But it’s okay, because Jesus is all that the beggar needed.
It is so inspiring to read the stories of the apostles and what they did to spread Jesus’s name back then. It is equally, or maybe even more, important in today’s broken and depraved society to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us. They don’t need money, they don’t need amazing jobs, they don’t need nice cars or big houses or beautiful spouses. What they really need, is the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ. It is so important to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit regarding who around you needs Jesus, that you may speak encouragement and truth into their lives.
Pray: for boldness from the Holy Spirit to share with others about Jesus. Realize and remember this: there really is nothing better that we can share with those around us than the good news of God’s love!