Day 42: A Privilege, not a duty

According to, a privilege is “a special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all,” while a duty is “something that one is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation.” Personally, where would you categorize serving God in terms of how you’re serving Him now (ie. your campus fellowship, prayer leader, small group leader, discipleship, etc)?

Pray: that God would help you to re-evaluate and be honest with yourself during this time regarding how you view serving Him

Read: John 21:1-14 (focus on verses 9-14)

Ask yourself: How did the disciples know it was Jesus? Would you have had the same epiphany?

How would you feel if Jesus asked you to “bring some of the fish that you [had] just caught”?

Application: In this passage, after the disciples fill their fishing nets to overflowing and realize that Jesus has appeared to them and has given them such a great catch, they return to land to meet him. When they come ashore, the first thing Jesus does is invite them to bring some of the fish they just caught, even though John says right before that there was already “a charcoal fire in place, with fish laid out on it, and bread” (v. 9).

In a similar manner, God does not need us to help Him. Yes, that’s right. Take a second to let that sink in. God does not need us to spread His gospel or to further His kingdom. After all, He is omnipotent and all-powerful and so much more–why would He need us sinners and our feeble attempts?

However, the wonderful thing about this is that He has chosen to invite us through His grace and mercy to serve alongside Him in His work here on Earth! It truly is a privilege, “a special advantage…not enjoyed by all,” to be able to partake in His harvest…whether it is sowing or reaping, whether it is going overseas to teach English to little kids or build houses, whether it is having the amazing experience of witnessing a loved one come to Christ, whether it is coordinating large group or small groups or prayer meetings or social events for your campus fellowship or home church, or whatever else. Praise God for His gracious invitation to join Him on this beautiful journey, all for His glory! Realize what a blessing it is =)

Pray: that no matter what happens, no matter how stressful/frustrating/disappointing ministry or people may get, that you would always remember that serving Him is not a duty, but a privilege. Pray that God would provide you with an unending fountain of His joy and His strength and His peace and His comfort as you continue to serve Him.