Day 39: Let Go and Let God

Distractions. List a few.
Getting Sidetracked. List the number of times that has happened today.
Blinded by Sin and Satan. er, how often does that happen?
How about… clouded by our own judgment? Everyday right?

The things we want in our world aren’t part of God’s world, His kingdom. So when we don’t get what we want, we get frustrated. Why do we get frustrated, if things happen for a reason, then our frustration isn’t a product of our inability to get things done with our own abilities, but instead it is a product of our frustration with God’s intervention in our lives. These following verses contain encouragement toward very frequent interaction with God.

Pray: Ask God to clearly survey your heart and bring to light, the areas that you are not giving up to Him

Read: Phillipians 4:3-9

Questions: What are some specific topics of interaction with God mentioned in this passage?

What seem to be some positive outcomes which result from these interactions with God?

Application: Do we really serve God with complete obedience to His word? Honestly, at times, that’s incredibly hard. It mentions that we should “present our requests to God [without reservation]”. I know that’s my interpretation of the text so I don’t have to type out the para-statement that comes before that verse, but really, that is what the scripture/word says. We can interact with God in more than just prayer, and why? Because it’s the only way to be continually shaped by His word and His spirit! How are we ever going to see things out own box, our own sheltered life, if we don’t focus on something completely perfect instead? Okay maybe this will make things make more sense…

Phillipians 4:8 says to focus on whatever is TRUE, NOBLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY, ADMIRABLE, EXCELLENT, and PRAISEWORTHY! Think about such things!! Not on ourselves, but on those things. When are you going to let go and let God interview and intervene? Why be frustrated? Why so serious?

Pray: If we take into account what we just read, if we have a relationship with God and are able to call Him our friend, what can we do to strengthen our relationship with Him?