Day 36: Road Trip

Have you ever been on a road trip? Vast open road, a cooler with drinks in the back, a week’s worth of summer clothes, and a car chocked full of close friends? One person is always navigating and others alternate driving with the driver. I think a lot of times, our lives are like that road trip. The world outside of our peripheral vision is more than the paved road we see before us; there are twists and turns everywhere. We bring a cooler of drinks to refresh us when we get hot, lost, angry, or irritated. When the clothes on our back gets dirty, we replace it with other clothes we’ve brought with us, but slowly that gets dirty quickly too (laundry is a never-ending cleansing process). And last but not least, we’re mostly trying to navigate, but like all people, it’s really easy to get lost when you don’t have any direction. Where do you go? Better question; Who do you turn to?

Pray: Just Talk to God today. “God I don’t know if you exist, but if you do, just take the reigns of my life. take the steering wheel is jerk it away from whatever path I want to take and put me in cruise control. I TRUST you.” — Think about this for about 5 minutes.

Read: Phillipians 3:12-21

Questions: Paul mentions that he is not perfect but there is one thing he does do/have. What is it? (v. 13-14)

What will God do when we have gone astray: (v. 15-16)

List out 3 characteristics of the “enemies of the cross of Christ.”

Application: One thing is for sure; when you go on a road trip, you are never alone. You always go with other people and the cars alongside your own. The thrill of a road trip is rooted not in knowing what the destination is like, but the adventure of getting there. God lives in us, with us, watching over us in such a way that He wants to be part of our road trip. His kingdom in heaven is our destination, where our citizenship lies. Through the ups and downs of our road trips, we strive to gain that citizenship. Lucky for us, we don’t have qualify for it or meet certain requirements to get that passport like countries do today; Jesus was our justification. Jesus was our certification and our saving grace.

God wants to guide us on our road trips. In verse 15, Paul mentions that “if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you.” So if in any way you stray away from what is righteous and good, God will set you back on the right path without you knowing. God wants to direct you to Him. He wants to transform you from a member of the Body of Christ on earth into a part of the Body of God in heaven. And we will take care of you every step of the way So if you’re on your road trip, where are you? Are you letting God steer for you?

Pray: Only let us live up to what we have already attained. – Phillipians 3:16 Ask God to remind you of His saving grace and faith to live up to what is already been granted to us.