Day 35: One is enough

We hear a lot about this void in ourselves. Money, success, fame, and all sorts of extrinsic motivations are built around us to give us support and a sense of safety so we don’t feel afraid or insecure. But what does God offer us in return? God doesn’t respond to the towers we build with our own hands; He wants our hearts.

Pray: Confess to God your deep desire to be in His presence. If God takes second string, then what is keeping you from focusing on His word

Read: Phillipians 3:1-11

Questions: What is the difference between “putting confidence in the flesh” and “trusting in others”?

What brings glory to God’s name? What do you place above God?

What does a life that has gained Christ look like? Where do you think you are?

Application: Phillipians 2:3 says to do nothing out of selfish ambition but in humility to do things for others. I think that’s part one of a great series of lessons taught in the book of Phillipians. Yes, we are place another’s life above our own, but another step in faith is to place God above all. Gaining Christ isn’t just the meal time prayer or even the journaling about how God is changing your life. According to Paul, gaining Christ is like putting all of your hope and strength and faith into God knowing He’ll take care of it. If you’re a student, it’s trusting God that He will teach you to balance school, sleep, friends, part-time jobs, hobbies, and relationships. If you’re working, it’s like depending on Him to help you find a church, find a group of new friends, find your personal ministry, find a spouse. We don’t gain Christ to win something from Him, contrary to popular belief. Christ has already given us more than our hearts can bear.

Paul says, “I consider EVERYTHING a loss compared to the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” He equates these losses to rubbish in comparison to “being found” in God. One is enough. He is enough.

Pray: What’s holding you back. Honestly, sit here for 5 minutes and think about how insanely routine your life is. Is any of it really for the sake of gaining Christ?