Day 34: Always Glorious

Have you ever showed atitude toward someone? Maybe a cheek or a cold shoulder? We treat people with whatever emotion and feelings we have at that very moment. Sometimes we’re sad and seek comfort from those around us. Other times we’re just angry and all we want to do is find someone to blame and take our anger out on. But the worst feeling of all? Not feeling loved and not wanting to love in return. LUcky for us, we have Jesus who taught us how to love and how to treat others. How did Jesus love? Let’s see.

Pray: ask for a God to shed yourself of all emotion entering this time of devotion. Our minds must be clearly focused on Him and not on our own emotions.

Read: Phillipians 2:1-11

Meditation: How do you treat the people around you? Take a moment to think about this for each of the following categories: family, friends, dormmate, random classmates, strangers, teacher/boss

How did Jesus treat others?

How did Jesus treat those times of anguish and pain? How encouraged are you to live  with that loving mindset?

Application: Honestly, there really isn’t any “application”; its more like a a time of meditation about yourself. I will say that, for myself, I don’t always treat others right. Sometimes I feel spiteful. Sometimes I feel lonely or hurt. Other times I’m just angry and or just wretched. So what can you do when you’re in that state? Going to God isn’t always option 1, but it should be. Paul instructs us to do nothing out of selfish ambition, but to do things with others’ interest in mind. I know I don’t always “consider others better than myself”. Or I don’t treat them like I should.

But think about Jesus. He was totally chill. He took all that pain and lowered himself to the standing of a servant. He loved and he served. He saved and then, He lived. That’s how we must live. There’s a superchick song that goes something like this; “We live, we love, we forgive and never give up, cause the days we are given are gifts from above, and today we remember to live and to LOVE.” Can we live and love?

Pray: so how does the story end, so this is your story and this is how it ends. Pray to live by loving.