Day 33: When You Talk About God

Honestly, how much do you talk about God? What do you mention when you talk about God? Are you afraid of talking about Him? Among your friends, does He sometimes seem like a taboo subject? Do you feel like He’s a subject on sundays, but otherwise, He’s just nonexistent?

Pray: Ask God to reveal HImself to you. I don’t mean, asking him to come down in a ‘blaze of glory’, but moreso just asking our faithful God to make himself noticeable in the subtle nuances of life. Growth always starts small.

Read: Phillipians 1:12-29

Questions: What do you think Paul means when he talks about his “chains for Christ”? (v. 13-14)

Would you always rejoice when Christ is preached? (v. 18) What does it really mean to rejoice?

“If [you] are to go on living in the body, this mean fruitful labor for [you]. Yet what shall [you] choose?” – Phil 1:22

Someday, do you think you’ll be able to say v. 29/30 to someone?

Application: Our lives aren’t static (stationary). We’re always in a state of growth and always aware of our surroundings. Our burdens will always bear down on us, but the chains of Christ will do more than restrain us; they will strengthen and support us. In all honesty, from the bottom of your heart, do you think you could speak the words spoken in v. 20/21 with eagerness and truth? Does life in Christ bring you joy?  “I do not know!” – Phil 1:22

Paul talks about God to the Church of Phillipi with such distinction. He mentions his own life being a testament spurring on the other men (v. 14). He rejoices in any sharing of the word with encouragement (v. 18). He knows his own value in the body and follows God’s calling for him (v. 23) He shows so much confidence in the Gospel, its uncanny (v. 27/28). So why don’t we talk about God like Paul does? When we talk about God, we should have the boldness of the Holy Spirit. Maybe someday we will have disciples that need to learn the very lessons we’re learning today. Until that day comes, we must learn to rely on the chains of Christ. We must learn to be bold in our hearts for God.

Pray: What step can you take this week to walk more in the Holy Spirit?