Monthly Archives: October 2010

Day 39: Let Go and Let God

Distractions. List a few. Getting Sidetracked. List the number of times that has happened today. Blinded by Sin and Satan. er, how often does that happen? How about… clouded by our own judgment? Everyday right? The things we want in our world aren’t part of God’s world, His kingdom. So when we don’t get what […]

Day 38: At His Feet

Sin, unfortunately, is a huge part of our lives. But for whatever reason, because you grew up in the church singing “Jesus loves me” or because we don’t like to talk about God’s wrath, etc, I feel like we often glaze over the depth and depravity of our sin and forget what it means to […]

Day 37: Working Hard or Working Through

As humans, I think we have a tendency to want to earn things and gain things by our own merit–and that’s not a bad thing. However, it’s one of the biggest reasons why we have such a problem accepting God’s free gift of grace. It’s really nothing we’ve done or nothing we can do to […]

Day 36: Road Trip

Have you ever been on a road trip? Vast open road, a cooler with drinks in the back, a week’s worth of summer clothes, and a car chocked full of close friends? One person is always navigating and others alternate driving with the driver. I think a lot of times, our lives are like that […]

Day 35: One is enough

We hear a lot about this void in ourselves. Money, success, fame, and all sorts of extrinsic motivations are built around us to give us support and a sense of safety so we don’t feel afraid or insecure. But what does God offer us in return? God doesn’t respond to the towers we build with […]

Day 34: Always Glorious

Have you ever showed atitude toward someone? Maybe a cheek or a cold shoulder? We treat people with whatever emotion and feelings we have at that very moment. Sometimes we’re sad and seek comfort from those around us. Other times we’re just angry and all we want to do is find someone to blame and […]

Day 33: When You Talk About God

Honestly, how much do you talk about God? What do you mention when you talk about God? Are you afraid of talking about Him? Among your friends, does He sometimes seem like a taboo subject? Do you feel like He’s a subject on sundays, but otherwise, He’s just nonexistent? Pray: Ask God to reveal HImself […]