Day 32: Thunder + Lightbulbs

Dude, have you ever thought about it? dude…

[So I was sitting at my computer just chatting with a friend about Epic, when suddenly out of nowhere, thunder came crashing down onto our Aggieland campus. All was silent except for the Tim Be Told music jamming from my laptop speakers. Inspiration struck me.]

Dude, have you ever thought about it? All the amazing things that happen during a storm? rain flying at your window at 60 mph? The strike of lightning flying through the sky that illuminates the area below for a second or more? and even more importantly, the overwhelming boom that soars through the sky into your auditory canal? Yeah, that little thing called thunder. But, you know what’s even more powerful than that? God’s voice.

Pray: Through our busy lives we are struck with one distraction after another. Pray that God’s voice would be so LOUD that even the ‘thunder’ around you would cower.

Read: Matthew 8:23-27

Question: When you’re scared, where do you look for your comfort? Does a ‘storm’ cause you to be uneasy or unsure about what is to come?

When Jesus calls His disciples “of little faith”, do you think that is often times you in their shoes?

Has God overwhelmed you before?

Application: Listening to Jesus is easy, right? Just look at the disciples. They got to hang out with other disciples. They enjoyed meals that they didn’t have to prepare. They watched miracles that build their faith. They listen to the best teacher ever, sitting on a grassy hillside on a sunny spring afternoon. What a life!

But then again, maybe listening to Jesus was also difficult. The disciples were led away from their friends and families. They were led to the sick and diseased. They listened and were led to stand up against a corrupt religious system. They were led to persecution and suffering. They were led into tempests that threatened to take their lives. It was a hard journey, but worth every minute.

Jesus parted the storm in the same way He gives us peace. When we pray, we ask for strength and calmness in our hearts. When you honor Him, you ask Him to give you guidance and discernment. The lightbulb or inspiration that God gave me was, “What if we just had blind faith and followed God? How safe would that make you feel?” Food for thought.

Pray: Recite this until you get thirsty, “With everything, with everything, we will shout for your glory. With everything, with everything, we will shout forth your praise.”

okay, you don’t have to.