Day 31: His Plan for You

Let’s say you were going to the market to buy groceries for dinner. First you go to the bakery, then the produce, the frozen foods aisle, and you finally end up finishing off your shopping in the condiments aisle. You finally managed to finish checking off everything on your shopping list and begin to stroll over to the register. Happy and Content, you begin to imagine the meal you could prepare that night the moment you got home. Maybe a savory sirloin or a creamy fruit tart for dessert.

…Then out of nowhere a humongous freight train pops out of nowhere and rams your cart into the ground.

okay, maybe that doesn’t happen in real life. I just recently watched Inception in theatres, so forgive me for the reference. However, sometimes that’s what God throws at us. When we begin to make plans for ourselves, God derails us (how feint) and puts us on a path that is not only bumpy and rough, but righteous and focused.

Pray: Focus on where you are right now. Are you a student? Are you working? Are you doing both? Are you serving in a ministry? Do you go to church? Are you involved in a bible study? Do you pray consistently? Spend some time with God focusing on the status quo.

Read: John 14:1-4, 15-31

Questions: In verses 1-4, do you feel any comfort from the words that Jesus leaves with his disciples? What ‘room’ do you think He is leaving/making for us?

Why must we love AND obey God? Why can we not just obey? (v. 16 and 17)

What commandments has God left for you?

Application: Like the food on your dinner table, or the food that was supposed to be on your dinner table, but instead was run over by a freight train, we are continually seasoned through the course if our lives. Verse 27 talks about something other than commandments that Jesus has left for us. We are given more than the calling to obey; we are also given peace. In john 16:33, Jesus tells us, “I have said these things to you so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trials and tribulations. But take heart, for I have overcome the world.” The last commandment that Jesus has in this passage is, “Come NOW; let us LEAVE.” These are very direct statements from a very direct savior.

We already expect times to be hard. We already expect that our trials will grow us and our lessons will build us. What we don’t expect and often times forget is the necessity of God’s love. Our world is full of distractions that draw our attention away from God. God straightens us out  because He has no other choice. He LOVES us. He says many times in the passage that he will come back. He “will not leave [us] as orphans,” but instead pursue us as children. The spirit of truth works within each of us and is a part of us. As long as we see the glory in Him, we will never give up on us.

Pray: What will it take for you to have peace in your life? Maybe discuss this with someone else and ask them what it will take to finally have ‘peace’. Are the thing that make us peaceful and calm also things that are everlasting and satisfying? Are they gifts that glorify God or do they draw your attention away from Him?