Day 30: Jealous

Jealousy. The so-called green-eyed monster. We’ve all felt it before when we, as prideful humans, feel like we deserve something that belongs to another. We see it. We crave it. And when it’s not ours, that rather unwelcome jealousy bubbles up inside of us. When’s the last time you were jealous of someone? Maybe it was when a classmate or family friend had better grades than you, and your parents got on your case about it. Maybe it was when you were younger, and others had cooler toys or games than you. Or maybe it was a time when you were jealous of someone because it involved someone else. I think oftentimes we are the most jealous when the attention of someone we love (or perhaps just like) is on someone or something other than ourselves.

Pray: that despite all of the things fighting for your attention and focus at this very moment, that God would win you over in heart and mind and draw you to Himself.

Read: Haggai 1, focusing on verses 9 to 11

Ask yourself: How was God treating the people in the passage?

Why was He taking such actions against them?

You can apply this…how?

Jealousy is not an emotion limited to us as humans. Indeed, the Bible tells us that our God is a jealous God (Deut. 6:15). Although jealousy has such a negative connotation nowadays, I think that it doesn’t have to be. Our God is jealous for each of us because He alone is worthy of our attention, our time, and our worship. However, when we direct it to all these worldly things or people around us, He has a right to be jealous, just as He is in the Haggai passage when each person is “busy with his own house” instead of honoring Him. After all, HE is the One who created us fearfully and wonderfully and saved us from our death with a self-sacrificing love. Can you say the same for Facebook? Dramas? Video/computer games? Sports? Even your friends or your family? God is jealous after you. He wants your heart and your attention, more than anything else (Psalm 51:16-17). That’s all that the Creator of the universe asks of you. How will you respond today?

(haha, the different headings are kinda random, but they spell out “PRAY” 😀 so…)

Pray (again): that every morning, when you wake up, that God would so captivate you with His love that whenever you have a free moment during the day, He would draw your thoughts back to Himself and His mind-blowing love for you. Just for you.