Day 27: Basic Christianity (Caution: this one’s long)

On July 30th, 2010, I will be teaching a workshop at Camp Impact about basic Christianity. Yes that is very vague, but Christianity itself is very vague. If you ask a non-believer what Christianity is, then they might run into a wall trying to define what the religion is because they know little about the inner workings of our faith. Yet, if you asked a believer what Christianity is, then they might stumble trying to explain the immensity of God. Correction- maybe Christianity isn’t vague’ it’s just too articulate, beyond our imagination.. probably because it’s just so amazing.

Pray: We can get caught up in the daily activities and just go through the motions. We need God to clear our minds and give us hearts that seek Him. Focus on what you know of faith and allow Him to expand it for this time you spend with him.

Read: Luke 4:38-44

Meditation & Questions: Read the passage AGAIN, but this time list out a mental timeline of the things Jesus does in order and how His audience reacts. When Jesus rebuked the fever, what did Simon’s Mother in law begin to do? What happened to the demons Jesus rebuked in others?

Why did the people want Him to stay? Why did He have to leave?

Jesus sent Himself to a solitary place. Are you in a solitary place? Why was solitude and reflection so important?

Application: Jesus’ simple actions in this short passage show the simple concepts that govern our whole faith. Righteousness comes to those who follow the Father. It says that they came to Jesus for help. As a Christian, as a believer, and as a child of God, people might come to us for help. Someone will even come to you for answers, and all you can do is answer them, rebuke them in their sins, and set them on a path also toward righteousness. It’s okay if you don’t know the answer, or if you yourself are stuck finding that very path. We are all imperfect people with a perfect purpose. God is a father who loves us will provide answers to even the most troubling questions.

What happened to those people whom Christ rebuked? It mentions that they couldn’t speak to him for they knew He was the Christ. What does that mean exactly? God is a perfect being who can’t be with the imperfect beings that we are, so He sent His son in His place. In those days, some people couldn’t even stare into the face of Jesus because of how Holy and perfect Jesus was. Even for those that have been cleansed by the Son of God couldn’t bear to speak His name. This is how amazing and unexplained our God is. Even the man who was supposed to emulate His perfection is beyond anything we could perceive with our senses; imagine how crazy amazing our real God is in Heaven…

Reflection, solitude, time alone, meditation, whatever you want to call it is something very necessary in our walks and in our lives. We don’t need it because we need time to understand whats going on around us; we need it because we’re so busy trying to interpret everything around us that we don’t give God the chance to intervene and allow Him to show us what He wants to teach us. Jesus demonstrates this by getting away from the crowd. Yes, Jesus was obviously doing great and amazing things by healing the sick and serving the lost and possessed, but if God’s holy spirit was to work within Jesus (or within us), devotion through prayer or through worship is necessary. Afterall, our time is only as precious as the time we spend serving Him.

Lastly, Jesus didn’t stay. Obviously, yeah He had to go on and spread this healing to other towns. He went on to continue preaching to other synagogues. Do you know why? Check verse 43. He says, “because He was sent.” Jesus preaches, not because He has something to share with the world that is super amazing and precious. He preached because He was sent to do so. God calls us to do the same thing. I still don’t know what I will be sharing with the kids at Camp Impact in a couple of weeks, but I do know the root of my discussion. “God has sent us to be His “goodwill ambassadors” to the world. He wants us to show the world who He is through the love that we can show others. He wants to be a part of your life, and my life, and his life, and her life, all of our lives. Do you want to meet with this God?” Maybe I’ll say something like that.

Pray: Our time is only as precious s the time we spend serving Him. Part of serving God worship. Worship can be in the form of music, praise, even prayer. Spend 5-10 minutes just praying with Him about anything. If you can’t think of anything, then pray that God opens up your mind to the things that have been troubling you. Maybe you can pray for a family member or friend that’s struggling. Or maybe something that you’ve been addicted to. Maybe pray for me while I’m teaching this workshop. Please, Just do it.