Day 25: Leadership

Leaders don’t develop overnight. Consider the story of Anne Scheiber, a woman who lived in a tiny run-down apartment in Manhattan. She lived on a monthly pension and social security. So imagine the surprise of Norman Lamm, president of a New York University, when he found out that Anne Scheiber left over 22 million dollars to the university. How did that happen? By the time Ms. Sheiber retired from the IRS she had managed to save nearly $5000 dollars. She invested that money in stocks, letting its value build over time. By the time she passed away, her stocks were worth millions.

Leadership is not an investment and its dividends build over time. Whether we know it or not, we are all leaders with assets that are valuable to our families, our church, and our community.

Pray: Begin with a word of prayer. Pray for whatever has been on your mind that you need to stop thinking about in order to focus on this devotional

Read: Exodus 3:1-12

Questions: What are some of the qualities that leaders possess?

Based on what you know of Moses, did Moses possess any of these qualities? What was his response to being called by God?

Like Moses, we often make excuses for stepping into positions of leadership. Are there arenas in your life currently that God is calling you to step out and be a leader? Share that with someone this weekend so that they may pray for you and keep you accountable to God’s calling.

Application: Whether it was Moses, the prophets, or the disciples, God has developed them over time, building their assets and dividends, much as He is developing you in ways you may not know or see. And just like the heroes of the faith, He has also promised to be with you… and that is the only true quality necessary!!!

Pray: Before you can share with someone about your walk with God, you have to wait for him to answer you and your prayer. Ask Him to be a part of your sharing time with someone. Ask Him to lead you in your conversation.