Day 23: Continuing to Struggle and Struggling to Continue

Why do we struggle? Sorry, let me rephrase that. Why is it that after we accept God and believe in Jesus that we still continue to struggle with sin? I mean, I hate to sin. I probably don’t hate sin as much as God does, but I can see myself growing to hate it more and more. Everyday, I see myself growing into a person with a deeper and closer relationship with Him, but I still sin. What can I do?

Pray: “The enemy has been defeated. And death couldn’t hold you down. We’re going to lift our voice in victory. We’re going to make our praises LOUD!” Pray that out loud as many times as you need to until you can just repeat it nonchalantly.

Read: Romans 6:1-14

What does it mean to be dead to sin? (V. 6-7)

When you think of death, what do you think is left behind or abandoned? How can Christ not die again? Do you think He lost something when He died?

If the sin in us dies, and we are alive in Christ, then why doesn’t the sin that we commit wither away? Why doesn’t God completely wipe away our sin?

I believe that in His grace God sometimes delivers sinners from specific sins at the time of their conversion. I have heard the testimony of those whose lives have been radically changed at conversion. Some, addicted to alcohol or drugs, have told of an immediate release from their addictions. This is not true of all saints. And even those whom I know who have been delivered from a specific sin would claim to have been delivered from all sin. As I understand the consistent teaching of Scripture, coming to faith in Christ does not end our struggle with sin, it commences it (see Romans 6 and 7). If every Christian were instantly delivered from sin, the command God would be meaningless.

Pray: Ask God to continue to work in you. We know we will sin because we’re always imperfect beings, but ask God to fill you with total confidence in Him. Ask Him to guide you in walking a path that He has set out for you.