Monthly Archives: July 2010

Day 28: Trusting a Christian? What about trusting God?

Our faith, theoretically, is very simple; Listen to God and Obey. Simply put, in the Old Testament, we are handed Ten Commandments to follow and obey. But, obeying, in itself, is already a struggle that each of us cannot overcome. From the moment we wake up, we already sin. Whether we choose to hit the […]

Day 27: Basic Christianity (Caution: this one’s long)

On July 30th, 2010, I will be teaching a workshop at Camp Impact about basic Christianity. Yes that is very vague, but Christianity itself is very vague. If you ask a non-believer what Christianity is, then they might run into a wall trying to define what the religion is because they know little about the […]

Day 26: Following So You Can Lead

There is really no such thing as the gift of leadership. Rather, there are many gifts that can be used to lead people in their walk with the Lord. The key to leadership though is knowing who your leader really is. As fads and lads (that means friends for you non-Scottish folks) come and go, […]

Day 25: Leadership

Leaders don’t develop overnight. Consider the story of Anne Scheiber, a woman who lived in a tiny run-down apartment in Manhattan. She lived on a monthly pension and social security. So imagine the surprise of Norman Lamm, president of a New York University, when he found out that Anne Scheiber left over 22 million dollars […]

Day 24: The Good News to Me

Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. – John 17:3 This verse talks about the importance of the eternal life, but what is it really? We get the idea that the eternal comes from God; it is a gift, a life […]

Day 23: Continuing to Struggle and Struggling to Continue

Why do we struggle? Sorry, let me rephrase that. Why is it that after we accept God and believe in Jesus that we still continue to struggle with sin? I mean, I hate to sin. I probably don’t hate sin as much as God does, but I can see myself growing to hate it more […]

Day 22: A Friend’s Testimony

If you read Day 21’s devotional, then this is the testimony it’s based off of. — Before I went to World Changers, my relationship with God was just obliterated. I had so much going on in my life that kept me from Him; keeping up with AP English, aiming for a high SAT score, friends […]