Day 21: The Great Reward

I got this passage from a friend’s testimony. She asked me to read it over and correct any grammatical errors. What ended up happening was the passage corrected me. What happens a lot in life is we follow these rules that are supposed to guide us in life. We follow the laws because we’re told that they’re good for us. Good for what? Order? Structure? Directions? Guidance? Sometimes we stray from the path because we think our own path would be better if we diverged from what was set out for us. We reason with ourselves that what we’re doing is the right thing. Is it really?

Pray: Ask God to make your path straight. Ask Him to align or realign your life with His will. Only then can you live a life that allows Him in.

Read: Psalm 19:7-14

Questions: Who normally tells you when you are doing something wrong?

If God were to tell you right now what areas you could improve on, what areas would He mention? Would you listen?

Why do you think rules are set in place? Why do you listen?

What is the difference between the law of man and the law of God? There is no correct answer.

Application: Rules are rules. But we don’t listen to rules just because theyre there. We listen because they come from a ruler, a king, a father that loves us. He discerns what is right and wrong. Sure, we are afraid of His wrath, but we are in awe of His love. Sure, we fear his laws, but we also know His gift to us is more precious than gold. Who can discern our wrongs AND ALSO forgive our faults. Only an amazing God. That is the God who loves. We will always have God’s laws in our hearts mixed with the sin. We have evil living in us that is trumped by the power of love.

Pray: use verse 14 as a guide to your prayers.