Day 20: Christ’s Solution

Today, we live in a world filled with all sorts of dissension. People talk about finding an end to racism, yet the issue of segregation and discrimination is still more prevalent now than ever. People talk extensively about finally attaining world peace, yet progress made in such a direction remains negligible whereas threats of a global war appear imminent. What can we do to prepare ourselves to face the future? Is there a solution to these age old problems?

Pray: meditate on how the peace can begin with you.

Read: Matthew 5:43-48

Questions: Do you have “enemies”? Why do you consider him or her an enemy?

In what ways have your enemies persecuted you? How is it that we are required to “love… those who spitefully use [us] and persecute [us]”?

How can you be sons of the Father in Heaven? Furthermore, as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, how do our ways and actions differ from that of the people around us?

Why is it important that we be perfect? How can we be perfect?

Application: If time permits, find someone to share with. Go through these questions with that person. Share with them something you received from the Lord this morning. It can be something as simple as a personal realization or a gentle reminder. Spend some time to ponder over the significance of these words (scripture). Is this an area in which you have been lacking? If so, then what is to be done now?

Pray: Spend some time in prayer, praying not only for physical strength to make it through the day, but also for a renewing of your spiritual strength.