Day 18: The Armor of God

Think of something you’ve been struggling with for a long time. What are some questions that you ask yourself and God regarding this particular situation? Struggles are viewed as things we wish we could accomplish, but we can’t because of our own sins and imperfections.

Pray: Before reading today, you may consider why you struggle so much with this particular issue. Then ask God to bless you as you go, praying for strength to carry through.

Read: Ephesians 6:10-18

Questions: What does the armor of God consist of? (v14-17)

What does God want us to fight? (v12)

How can you incorporate becoming a soldier of God into your life?

Application: What are some battles that you are facing in your life now?

What are some ways you can fight your battles in a Godly way?

Each part of the armor of God has it’s own qualities that you can use to combat worldliness, evil, sin. The most important part it protects is your heart for God. Your sword is your bible. Use God and use His armor for His glory. God wants us to rise up out of our comfort zones, put on His armor and live a life where we are ready to fight our spiritual battles that we may face…

Pray: Take the time now to pray to God to reveal to you ways that you can become a soldier of God and to show you how to fight your battles His way.