Day 16: Pause and Reflect

Daniel was taken from his home country and placed into a city, called Babylon that was a totally different environment than his home country… kind of like how you are in a totally new environment when you experience someplace new.

Pray: As you read through this passage, ask yourself what are some reasons you think you are here or more importantly where you are in your life spiritually, mentally, relationally, and personally.

Read: Daniel 1

Questions: How did Daniel get to Babylon? Was it his choice? (v1-3)

Why was it so important for Daniel and his friends to eat the certain foods that they did? (v8-16)

What had Daniel and his friends seemingly gain or learn from the start of this chapter to the end of it?

Application: Think back at this past year; what are some things that God has been teaching you to this point in life?

Have you seen Him use these lessons for other situations than the one you first encountered? How? (jot these down)

As you begin to go through your day, listen to the message God is trying to send you in the littlest things. He may be trying to speak to you in the remedial tasks that you do. If you’re having a deep conversation with a friend over lunch or maybe just a customer who walks into your workplace, take a moment understand the purpose of everything that happens. Write down some possible ways God is trying to help you rise up, to become part of His abundant kingdom.

Pray: Wherever you are in life, if you’re struggling, or maybe things have been going well, Ask God to ruin your life. Ruin it for His sake. Do whatever He wants to do with it because He will always supply and provide us with what is best for our sake.