Day 15: Wounds – Things don’t get any easier

One of the things that baffles us about God is that once we decide to follow Him, He doesn’t spare us from going through difficult times even though He can. He is the God who both wounds and heals.

Pray: sit back and think a moment about the things going on in your life. Ask God to clear your mind of those things that you’ve been immersed in. Give your attention to God.

Read: Deuteronomy 32:39, Job 42

Question: what did God grow in Job after his long tough time?

Application: The most solid followers of Jesus you know – the ones with deep Christlike character – have probably gone through difficult times with Him. That’s because the wounds that come from difficult times grow deep faith.
God uses wounds to grow us. Wounds make us wiser. When we’ve been hurt, on the other side of the pain we’re more compassionate toward other people. We can empathize more. In the same way, wounds make us more forgiving, more understanding, more gracious, slower to judge. Wounds kill our pride yet grow our compassion. Specific wounds enhance specific virtues. Walking through death brings us the value of life. Sickness helps us value health. Hard times like those put life in perspective and make us value things that really matter.

Wounds received during tough times, more than anything else in the world help us see and respond to the world like Jesus does as we grow closer to Him. Because of that, the God who loves us let us hurt, knowing that there is beauty and purpose in the pain. Have you been wounded recently? Where have you been hurt? Bless those pains and THANK God for that hurt. Thank Him for the trials and ask to be bless with more.