Day 13: God is angry?

At the base if Mount Sinai, right after God gave them the ten commandments, the Israelites begged Moses to speak to God for them. They didn’t want to speak to God directly because they thought they would die. They felt the tension of being before a holy God – and they were terrified. Our God who’s beyond is so completely pure and holy that He can’t be in the presence of evil. It was by His great mercy that the Israelites at the base of Mount Sinai even survived.

Pray: God hates evil so much that before Jesus gave His blood to pay for our sins, countless animals were sacrificed. Imagine the greatness of His sacrifice compared to our own sacrifices.

Read: Exodus 20:18-21

Questions: Wow you might be thinking, God sure does seem angry. Mean, even. You’re partially right. What do you think make’s God angry?

God’s anger is a result of His absolute hatred of all evil. A God who hates evil – isn’t that exactly what we’d want from a good God?

How do you feel when you realize that you are sinning?

Application: Because of grace we’ve come up with the idea that out of God’s great love for us, He overlooks sin. We seem to think that God is a grandfatherly, “Oh I saw that sin, but I love you so much that I’m just going to overlook it. Here’s fifty dollars for being so cute” kind of God.
Grace is a very true and incredible reality, extended because God does love us. But God is rightfully angry at us for sinning, and a sinless perfect sacrifice was needed to satisfy that anger and pay for sin. Jesus was that sacrifice and that payment. His blood and His blood alone satisfied God’s wrath even as He paid for sins He did not commit. This is the awesome goodness of a God who loves us relentlessly, yet hates sin violently. It is a great love from a God that’s beyond.

Pray: When is the last time you were reminded of the fact that the only way you can talk to God is because of how Jesus lived and what He did on the cross? Before you pray today remember: The price Jesus paid to save you was steep. His overwhelming love for you cost Him greatly.