Day 12: Trading in something inefficient for something ALL-efficient

What makes us good? Is it our talents? Is it our appearance? Who is to say that, you are getting better, or that you are growing up to become mature, adult, or even responsible? Who can truly vouch for us individually and say, “Man, I think Derek is really growing up to be a straight-shooter.” I know who can; God can.

Pray: Because of Jesus, you’re alive and well today. Just sit back and reflect on today’s (or yesterday’s) events that have occurred or are about to occur.

Read: Philippians 1:1-11

Questions: How do you think Paul and Timothy view the people they are writing this letter to, especially in reference to the phrase “partnership in the Gospel?” (v 5)

If you had a friend who was a Christian and had the heart to share about his experiences with others, how would you refer to that person? (v. 7)

How do you decide what is best or better? Do you let God play any part in that process, whether it’s deciding what to eat, or who’s your best friend?

Application: God is always there. God always listens. God loves. The cool thing is, we are given the choice to do whatever we want with this knowledge. Paul says that he is confident of the great works that we as people will do because of God acting in us. Isn’t it weird to think that even though we make choices of our own that sometimes are not glorifying to God, God will carry out his great commission to completion (v. 6)? We all share God’s grace, and it all happens because God shares His grace for us. In the end, He’ll be the one who vouches for us. In His eyes, we can grow ever closer to Him, as long as we make the choice. Yes or no?

Pray: Reread verses 9-11 and pray that prayer for yourself. Ask God for discernment of what good you can do for His kingdom and ask Him how you can grow closer. Pray that He reveals to you, not only His plan for your, but also His love for you.