Day 11: A quiet time before bed?

It would be interesting to see you do this quiet-time before going to sleep, but if not, that’s ok. Sometimes, it’s good to find some time for yourself, some time to sit back and relax. We all need time to ourselves to reflect on what’s going on in our hectic chaotic lives every once in a while. During those times, God can be the focus of your self-reflection or He can be completely void. Will you let Him in today?

Pray: Pray that you won’t fall asleep whilst doing this quiet-time. Haha, pray for the people around you will find this time alone as well.

Read: Psalm 4

When something is seriously bothering you, do you “go to God” or do you find relief elsewhere? (v. 1-2) Why?

What makes you feel safe? List 3 things that make you insecure, angry, or anxious.

When you’re laying down and resting, or when you sit in peace, what do you think makes it so peaceful? (v 4 and 8)

Pray that God takes away your worries and your concerns for the things you have listed. There is a reason your quiet times or your devotional times are so peaceful. The heart of this passage rests Psalm 4:4. When you ask God to give you peace, He will always give you that peace. When you are quiet and listening, He will never pass up an opportunity to reach you and speak to your heart because God always wants to communicate with you. The great thing about it is God is always in pursuit of your, your attention. It’s up to us to put aside the things that busy us to allow ourselves to hear Him.

Ask God to give you moments in the day to relax and hear Him “speak” to us. No distractions.