Day 10: Beyond – Higher

God is beyond us. He is bigger. He is infinite. he is all-knowing. He is all-seeing. He doesn’t do things like we would do them. his ways are higher than ours and many times we don’t understand what He’s doing or how He is working in the world. Because of those things God seems foreign to us, strange. So we have a tendency to put Him in a box – to shrink Him down to something we can handle, something we can comprehend, something that doesn’t short-circuit our brains.

Pray: Our God is greater, Our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other.

Read: Isaiah 40:10-26

Questions: Even though on some level we mentally understand that God is infinite, all-powerful, eternal, the creator of all things, completely sovereign, and that he’s just not like us, we don’t always relate to Him like that’s who He is. Why is it so good that God won’t conform to our image?

In a way we want God to be made in our image, but instead He has made us in His; why? Why?

Sometimes instead of boxing God in, we get things mixed up. What confusion do you thing about when you try to consider who He is, or what He is.

Application: It is obvious; God isn’t like us. He’s infinite – He never ends. He’s eternal – He has been in existence for all time and will always exist for all time. He’s all-powerful. He’s everywhere all at once. he is all-knowing – not a gnat flaps its wings without His knowledge. We don’t think a single thought without His full awareness. He is high and holy and bigger and completely “other” than us. He is beyond us.

From our point of view, God and His ways sometimes seem strange, foreign, even wrong. But God doesn’t answer to us. Our responsibility is to follow Him. That doesn’t always mean we’ll understand everything about Him or what He’s up to – it just means following.

Even though we don’t know everything about God and what He’s up to, we know this: God is always good and is working for the greatest good. Right now, in your life, God is working for good in all things. There is no one more worthy of following. Will you trust Him?

Isaiah 55:8-9 is a great passage to memorize when following the God who’s beyond. Pray for the eyes to see His greatness.