Day 9: Struggling with Sin

Sin = sucks. No, but seriously, sin is something we all struggle with. Is there something in your life that you are ashamed of? Something that you wish you could fix? Something that you know you could do better but don’t know how?

Pray: Ask for forgiveness of your sins. Thank God for his everlasting grace even though we always fall short of His glory.

Read: Romans 7:14-25

Questions: Summarize Verses 14-20. Do you feel the same way about sin as Paul does?

Where do ability to overcome sin come from (v. 22-23)? Does God’s law always triumph?

Do you think you would be able to overcome your sins or shortcomings without God? Think of it this way; regardless of if you believe in God, there are days where Christians are negligent of God’s awesome existence. We put Him in a backseat and live our lives as if He is not part of it. On those days, is it sin or God that leads our lives?

Would you rather be “slave to God’s law” or a “slave to the law of sin?” Where in your life has sin been overcome?

Application: The heart of this passage lies in verses 19-20. It gives off the idea that we want to do good, we want to not do sin, but sometimes, sin overcomes even that. The world was once a great perfect place. God made the world perfect. Because of our own sins and evil intentions, actions, choices, the world was made imperfect. We struggle with sin because it is what keeps us from making things better, from doing the good we want to do. It is the sin in our hearts that keeps us from being perfect. To some degree, each of us must realize that we, ourselves, can never overcome this burden alone. Okay, now; that sucks, but the burden is lifted when we realize that we are NOT alone. Paul demonstrates this in verse 25. Thanks be to God – through Jesus Chris our Lord! Praise God for what He provides us! Through Jesus we can live a life not free of sin, but a life that overcomes sin. What a great feeling to have that burden lifted off our shoulders!

Pray: Spend 5-10 minutes in prayer. Just focus on giving thanks to God for the things He’s given you in your life. Don’t worry about using any type of jargon or big Christian vocabulary. Just thank Him for anything, everything. The little things, from the grass outside to the laptop sitting in front of you.