Day 8: Where do I start?

Well, It’s already been a whole week! And after all that you’ve seen and experienced, you may even be ready and pumped to tell others about Jesus and His story, but you don’t know where to start.

Pray: The Gospel is good news. really. good. news. Ask God to fill you with a love that travels with goodness in your heart.

Read: Isaiah 49:10-16

Questions: Like yesterday’s quiet time, the author talks about singing a song to God, and some names that you probably can’t pronounce are thrown in. Why sing? Well that’s how they remembered things better back then. In this passage, note where it says to sing His praise.

What is Isaiah’s attitude throughout the whole passage?

Read the second section again. God is ready to lead those who don’t know the way. Name a few needs of your friends and family. How can you be apart of meeting those needs in the name of Jesus?

Application: Isaiah calls nature to join in praises to God. Read the passage again and instead of the “far-flung islands” and the two confusing names… think of three people with whom you’d like to share teh gospel and re-read the passage with their names. After that, think of a few countries you would like to see join in the praise. (the US can be one, too.) If you find yourself lost in translation of this “good news”, then ask a friend to really share it with you, explain it to you, sit with you a pray. A little understanding goes a long way.

Pray: Pray for a heart to share and learn. Even if you get nothing out of this passage, understand this; God will always provide opportunities to learn as long as you have the desire to learn.