Day 6: Are You Looking For Me?

Howdy! I think it’s time for a change; time to try something new. For 1,500 years, people have been using a technique called lecto divina (pronounced lex-ee-oh di-vee-nuh) to connect with God. Here’s how to use it: you get a passage and read it out loud. When you come to a word or phrase that strikes you, stop and meditate on it, understanding that this passage is from God. If you’re not struck the first time reading the passage, read it over and over until something clicks. Use this exercise as you read Psalm 23.

Pray: Ask for focus on your day’s activities. Seeing God in all things, especially in the little things. Ask that God would build in you anew and give you eyes to see what He has created for you.

Read: Psalm 23, Luke 15:4-7

Questions: What comes to mind when you hear the word “shepherd”? (Luke 15:4-7)

God views us as the sheep, and He is our shepherd. If you are lost, He’s out there looking for you (Psalm 23:6)… but are you seeking after Him?

Concentrate on v. 4. When was the last time you went through a hardship? Did you trust God to deal with your situation? If so, did you feel secure? If not, do you think you would feel secure if you trusted God?

Reread Psalm 23 two more times.

Application: When was the last time you watched TV? Did you use the remote to change the channel? We all do. And when we can’t find the remote, we search for it. We flip seat cushions, ask our parents if they’ve seen it, and even leave the room in search of our precious remote, all while the TV is only two feet away from us. See, what we did right there is called seeking. God seeks after you. It’s all over the Bible – God seeks after you. And we’re not just some remote that turns a source of entertainment on. God seeks us for our love, for our trust, and to be with us.

Pray: Thank Him for always being there. Better yet, thank Him for being there when you need Him most. Even moreso, thank Him for being there when you don’t need Him. God’s love is always there. Ask Him to open your heart to what he has to show you.