Day 4 – The desire to serve God – Soloman receives Wisdom

Ok, fourth day! I hope you have had a lot of fun and grown closer to God. By now, I hope you know that God loves you and that He has an awesome plan for your life if you choose to accept it. Make this quiet-time one where you can put all things down for the glory of God. Really enjoy it.

Pray: Praise the Lord for the last couple of days. Thank god for all the things He has taught you.

Read: 1 Kings 3:1-15

Questions: How did Solomon show his love for God? (v. 3)

How many burnt offerings did Solomon offer? (v. 4)

What did Soloman ask for? Why did He want it?

What did Soloman receive from God? (v. 12-14)

Application: What gifts, talents, and resources (stuff) has God given to you?

How can you better serve God?

Pray: Praise God and thank Him for all that is good. Ask Him for help and strength for all of your needs.

Good List Needs List
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