Day 3 – The desire to have a relationship with God – Mary, Martha, and prayer

Nice to have you back. Are you ready to start another day? Have you found another good spot? Time to focus on your relationship with God. OK, set your hands, head, and mind in prayer mode. It is time to begin.

Pray: Ask God to clear your mind from the day before. Ask for a blessed time alone with Him that it would be better than eating ice cream on a hot day.

Read: Luke 10:38 – 11:13

Questions: What was Mary doing? (10:39) How is it similar to doing a quiet time?

Martha was very distracted. What are some distractions that you face?

Why did the man get what he needed? (hint: because of the man’s ___) (11:8) who was he asking for?

Application: Do you know that God enjoys spending time with you? Do you enjoy spending time alone with Him? Why or why not?

How well do you know God? How could you get to know Him better?

What are some things that you want to ask God for?

Pray: Ask God to help you to get to know Him better. What are some needs of those you care about? What are some needs of your own?