Day 2 – The Love of God – The Shepherd and His Flock

Howdy! Rise and shine. Today is a beautiful day; thank Him for it. Time to hang out with God and let Him shower some love onto you. Nothing like a little God time to make the day go smoothly.

Pray: Ask God to make you want to learn more about Him. Ask God to sharpen your mind and senses.

Read: John 10:1-18

What two things does Jesus call himself? (“I am the ___”)
What happens when a person enters through Jesus? (v. 9)
What does it mean to you that Jesus was willing to lay down His life for you?
How much are you worth to God?

How do other people see you? Is it comforting to know that God cares about you regardless what others think?
How can you offer the love God has for you to others?

What is keeping you away from God?
Do you need help seeing how much God loves you? Do you need help seeing how God loves others?