Monthly Archives: June 2010

Day 21: The Great Reward

I got this passage from a friend’s testimony. She asked me to read it over and correct any grammatical errors. What ended up happening was the passage corrected me. What happens a lot in life is we follow these rules that are supposed to guide us in life. We follow the laws because we’re told […]

Day 20: Christ’s Solution

Today, we live in a world filled with all sorts of dissension. People talk about finding an end to racism, yet the issue of segregation and discrimination is still more prevalent now than ever. People talk extensively about finally attaining world peace, yet progress made in such a direction remains negligible whereas threats of a […]

Day 19: The Gospel. Sort of.

Pray: The Gospel message is strong. Allow it to resonate in your heart what you know of the Gospel already. Read: 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, 12-15 and Ephesians 6:19-20 Questions: Whoever sows sparingly, reaps ____ Whoever sows ____, reaps generously (v. 6) How should we give and how should we not give? (v. 7) Why should […]

Day 18: The Armor of God

Think of something you’ve been struggling with for a long time. What are some questions that you ask yourself and God regarding this particular situation? Struggles are viewed as things we wish we could accomplish, but we can’t because of our own sins and imperfections. Pray: Before reading today, you may consider why you struggle […]

Day 17: Choices

Think back to a time where you were part of a group of people who wanted to do something that you knew wasn’t really the right thing to do; how did you respond to it? Pray: Clear your mind. Meditate on the change God has led you to in the past. Read: Daniel 3 Questions: […]

Day 16: Pause and Reflect

Daniel was taken from his home country and placed into a city, called Babylon that was a totally different environment than his home country… kind of like how you are in a totally new environment when you experience someplace new. Pray: As you read through this passage, ask yourself what are some reasons you think […]

Day 15: Wounds – Things don’t get any easier

One of the things that baffles us about God is that once we decide to follow Him, He doesn’t spare us from going through difficult times even though He can. He is the God who both wounds and heals. Pray: sit back and think a moment about the things going on in your life. Ask […]